The hacklab KIKA is a public and open space where anyone can join the ongoing activities or just start something new. Feel free to come to the hacklab during one of our regular events, every Monday from 19.00h we’re having “GNU/Linux first aid”, every Thursday from 19.00h “Programming languages” and the regular “Knowledge Exchange” session is held every Saturday from 14.00h. The hacklab is also usually open almost every day of the week and you can come by and meet the people.

Our offline location is Kosta Shahov 7/5, Skopje 1000, near the city center in Skopje. Check out the map for more details. We also have a mailing list.

You can get in touch with us on IRC, Libera @ #spodeli, that’s probably the easiest way to get answers and information.

Twitter: @2cmk

E-mail: info@slobodensoftver.org.mk